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Roger Ver
Roger Ver

I don’t think I’m very good at writing letters, so I’ll just tell you what I think.

Mostly I just want you to know that the world has not forgotten you, or the ideas you helped to spread.

In fact, I suspect you will go down in history in a similar spot to Harriet Tubman for helping slaves escape their slave masters. By creating the Silk Road you have helped millions of peaceful drug users escape their violent oppressors in the form of the police, DEA, FBI, and judges who lock peaceful people in prison like yourself. Many people today, and everyone in the future, will view them the same way we view slave owners of the past.

In Harriet Tubman’s day, only a small percentage of the population identified themselves as abolitionists, but in time, their ideas spread. Today everyone is a abolitionist, even to the point where it is so common an idea that many people aren’t even aware that there was a special word for it. Likewise, today voluntaryists are only a small minority of the population, but our numbers are spreading quickly as people around the world realize that the use of violence against peaceful people isn’t an acceptable way to organize society. In the future I suspect everyone will be a voluntaryist to the point where most people won’t even realize that there was ever another option. I only hope that day will come sooner rather than later, and that the world will unite to show you the gratitude you deserve for helping to spread these ideas.

As someone who has done a comparatively small amount of time in federal prison myself, I want you to know that even though you are cut off from nearly everyone and everything you know in the outside world, you are not forgotten, and many of us are working towards your release, along with every other non violent drug offender.

With the very best intentions,

Roger Ver

Today, March 27, is Ross Ulbricht’s birthday. will be posting letters from members of the Bitcoin community who want to wish Ross a happy birthday, as well as lend their moral support in his unfortunate ordeal. If you would like to help Ross, feel free to donate to his appeal fund at


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